Crackers and Colonists: the Ancestors, Decendants and Cousins of Edwin Hardee Turlington sr

London, Middlesex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adams, John  1569London, Middlesex, England P8537
2 Allen, Elizabeth Agnes  1607London, Middlesex, England P8803
3 Ap Baran, Llud Llaw Silver Hand Eirint  London, Middlesex, England P9138
4 Bedingfield, Agnes  1450London, Middlesex, England P10339
5 Bedingfield, Agnes  1485London, Middlesex, England P10337
6 Bledlow, Elizabeth Lady  Dec 1506London, Middlesex, England P10691
7 Bledlowe, Thomas  1476London, Middlesex, England P10689
8 Browne, Katherine  30 Apr 1591London, Middlesex, England P11316
9 Browne, Thomas  1524London, Middlesex, England P11348
10 BUTLER, Lady Margaret  1465London, Middlesex, England P10897
11 Capell, Lady Elizabeth  1480London, Middlesex, England P9623
12 Chapman, Dorothy  1484London, Middlesex, England P11983
13 Edward, Platt  1583London, Middlesex, England P14053
14 Gardiner, Elizabeth  1542London, Middlesex, England P14625
15 Gardiner, Henry  1526London, Middlesex, England P14627
16 Gardiner, Richard  1486London, Middlesex, England P14615
17 Harper, Martha  1607London, Middlesex, England P15333
18 Henchman, Edward  1579London, Middlesex, England P9044
19 Henchman, Edward Edmund  1605London, Middlesex, England P14054
20 Howard, Lord Thomas  1511London, Middlesex, England P15800
21 Howard, Mary  1519London, Middlesex, England P15801
22 Morton, John  16 Jun 1616London, Middlesex, England P16104
23 Paulet, Alice  1502London, Middlesex, England P11759
24 Proctor, George  1600London, Middlesex, England P14916
25 Starkey, Elizabeth  1480London, Middlesex, England P10690
26 Whalesborough, Lady Margery Baroness Moleyns  1381London, Middlesex, England P13313


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ap Baran, Llud Llaw Silver Hand Eirint  90 BCLondon, Middlesex, England P9138
2 ap Beli Siluria,, King Llud Llaw Ereint "The Silver-Haired" of King of Britain  Abt. 18 BCLondon, Middlesex, England P9147
3 Bedingfield, Agnes  1579London, Middlesex, England P10337
4 Boleyn, George  17 May 1536London, Middlesex, England P10899
5 Browne, William Sir  22 Mar 1530London, Middlesex, England P11320
6 Capell, Lady Elizabeth  25 Dec 1555London, Middlesex, England P9623
7 Daubeney, Giles 1st Baron  28 May 1507London, Middlesex, England P12935
8 DeSackville, Richard  21 Apr 1566London, Middlesex, England P11446
9 DeVerdun, Elizabeth  1360London, Middlesex, England P12907
10 England, Daughter  31 Jan 1510London, Middlesex, England P14166
11 Gardiner Gardynyr, William Wyllyam John  1506London, Middlesex, England P8114
12 Kirton, Thomas  20 Apr 1601London, Middlesex, England P16142
13 Nevill,, John 3rd Baron of Latymer  02 Mar 1543London, Middlesex, England P13699
14 Somerset, 3rd Earl of Worcester, KG, William Plantagenet De Beaufort Sir  21 Feb 1589London, Middlesex, England P17136
15 Stanley, Margaret  1533London, Middlesex, England P17458


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Gardiner, James  1530London, Middlesex, England P14630


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Capell / Arundell  1450London, Middlesex, England F1986
2 Gardner / Browne  01 Sep 1583London, Middlesex, England F1901
3 Henchman / Edward  1583London, Middlesex, England F2527
4 Nevill, / Parr Of Kendall  1533London, Middlesex, England F2433